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The BC Honey Trail

Jan 10, 2019

To bee or not to bee? That is the question everyone is buzzing about! All puns aside, these little black and yellow insects are some of the hardest working creatures on the planet! From pollinating food crops to producing that heavenly and healthy liquid gold known as honey, the humble little bee is of vital importance to our ecosystem.

If you are looking for top quality BC Honey and honey products, look no further than these Circle Farm Tour locations.

Here are the four locations that will take you along the Honey Trail:

Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery - Abbotsford


Credits: Campbell's Gold Honey Farm & Meadery on Facebook

Husband and wife owner-operators Mike and Judy Campbell, along with their daughter Jenny, take great pride in their thriving agricultural and agri-tourism business. Both Mike and Judy completed their Master Beekeepers Course through the Ministry of Agriculture. Their farm is a licensed Meadery (honey winery) producing a delicious variety of honey wines. The lineup of honey wines includes their traditional Mead (sweet or dry), Melomels (fruit and honey wine), Pyment (grape and honey wine), Cysor (apple & honey wine) and Metheglin (spices and zest added to any of the above).

Besides their devine honey wines, Campbell’s also offers a wide range of specialty honeys (creamed and flavoured), such as cappuccino, cherry, cinnamon, chocolate, ginger, hazelnut, lemon, maple, pumpkin spice and many more! As well, they have liquor flavoured varieties such as Amaretto, Grand Marnier, and Spiced Rum.

Check out their selection of Health and Home Beehive Products such as balms, lotions, scrubs, cleansers and more. You’ll love the amazing scent of the beeswax and candles they carry. They also offer a range of artisan products and gifts. If you are interested in beekeeping, they sell beekeeping equipment and clothing, and queens and bee stock. Check online or talk to the friendly staff about their range of courses such as their Beginner Beekeeper Course, as well as a variety of workshops and classes. Or take a farm tour: they offer general tours, school tours, and senior tours. The Campbell family welcomes people of all ages to visit their farm and share in their passion for bees and the environment!

Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey, Chilliwack


For over 35 years, the Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey farm has been raising bees. It all began with Agnes Coutt's desire to pollinate a few raspberry bushes, and through the years, flourished into the successful business it is today. Currently, the hives are moved to different flowers- this not only to pollinates the flowers, but also produces a distinct and delicious flavour of honey at each location. At their farm store, they carry gourmet honey including blueberry, fireweed and wildflower.

The honey found at CRVNH is 100% natural, unpasteurized, and packaged by hand. Quality and attention to detail are key. They strive to produce the most exquisite gourmet honey while implementing the best business practices that are healthy for the environment and the local community.

Not only do they sell their delicious gourmet honey, they carry additional health products such as bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis tincture and creams. Buzz on by and check them out!

Dr. Bee: Honeyland Canada, Pitt Meadows


Credits: Dr. Bee on Facebook

Did you know there's a Dr. Bee here in the Fraser Valley? Dr. Bee opened its doors back in 1996 starting with only a couple hundred beehives. Since then, this number has grown into the thousands and Dr. Bee has become a well-known and established beekeeping operation in the lower mainland. Not only does Dr. Bee carry their extensive product line on-site at their production facility in Pitt Meadows, they also have retail locations in Richmond and Burnaby. Their product line includes not only a variety of pure honeys and fruit honeys, but also royal jelly, bee pollen, bee propolis, skincare products and so much more!

Who is Dr. Bee?Dr. Ron Lin, aka Dr. Bee, is the in-house bee expert and educator who takes a scientifically-grounded approach to bee products. He holds a Ph.D. in Bee Science, allowing him to bring out the nutritional value of bee products and continuously improve product formulas. Dr. Bee has a true passion for teaching and spreading his knowledge about honeybees and providing high-quality products to customers. Guided tours, workshops, and beekeeping courses are available at Honeyland Canada.

Golden Meadows Honey Farm: West Coast Bee Supply, Pitt Meadows


Golden Meadows Honey Farm, home of West Coast Bee Supply, is a full beekeeping supply store located in Pitt Meadows. At this family owned and operated business, they are always eager and excited about serving the beekeeping community.

They carry a wide variety of items such as protective clothing and equipment, hive kits, tools & smokers, frames & foundations, extracting equipment, honey containers & jars, feeding equipment, nucleus equipment, bees and queens, and more! Be sure to check out their delectable varieties of honey, and impressive line of fun bee accessories, honey accessories, and even a wide selection of gorgeous bee-themed jewelry.

Not only do they offer quality supplies, they also offer great service and helpful information. Join in on one of their courses to really step up your knowledge about bees!

Do you have a sweet tooth? We’d love to hear what your favourite type of honey is and how you like to enjoy it! To learn more about these Circle Farm Tour partners, visit:

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